Stonewall Bamboo Sheet Set

Classic White

Sheets of true quality actually get softer with every wash. Our bamboo sheets are time tested and will not pill or thin with proper care.

Our bamboo sheets feature the most luxurious weave - sateen. Compared to standard percale weave sheets, sateen offers the highest quality of comfort and softness.  

We've worked on the ground floor with our factory partners with generations of experience in luxury craftsman. Together, we've perfected the proprietary Stonewall Sateen Weave engineering specifications.  

The result?   True quality you can feel.

Sateen Weave

Our premium sateen weave offers a soft shiny surface finish that's crafted smooth to the touch. With every wash cycle your Stonewall sheets will get softer.

Stonewall Sheets sateen weave pattern

Three yarn fibers over, one yarn fiber under

Ultra fine,

long staple,

bamboo fibers

The difference in longevity between quality sheets and bargin sheets is in the staple. The staple is an industry term that just means fiber or yarn.

Stonewall Sheets only use premium strength long continuous fibers

Cheaper Brands use regular cotton that require interconnecting fibers which leave weak exposed ends that breakdown with general use and wash

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Stonewall Sheets Bamboo Sheets feature 300 certified thread count.

How thread count works

In the beginning, when we started our journey to create luxury sheets at a fair price we thought a high thread count was a requirement.   We were wrong.  

We learned from the industry's leading experts that luxury quality is in the raw materials used and the weave pattern. Inflated thread counts add unnecessary weight, retain heat and reduce airflow.  

We also learned that cheap sheets with high thread counts inject loose threads into the weave to increase the overall count. Remember those "1000 thread count sheets" that fell apart after a few wash cycles? Chances are, you washed away those extra threads that served no actual purpose.

Sheets are a commodity. But, quality isn't.

Your Stonewall Sheets are built to last. Here's how to care for them properly.

Wash cycle

Pre-wash your linens before first use.

Separate linens from other items in the wash, especially those containing polyester which tends to create pilling. Also, items with heavy zippers which can abrade and damage the fabric.

Do not overload the washing machine. Overloading can cause fibers to break down from excessive abrasion and agitation.

Wash in warm water using a non-chlorine bleach detergent on a gentle cycle with a cold water rinse.

Use a mild liquid detergent, preferably non-alkaline, without added bleach or whiteners.

Do not pour detergent directly on linens. Instead, add it to the water as the wash tub fills or dilute with water, then add linens.

Unless linens are very soiled, only use half the recommended amount of detergent.


Line drying recommended.

Shake out damp linens before placing in the dryer and tumble dry on low heat until slightly damp.

Never use a high heat setting or over dry; this will weaken the fibers, cause shrinkage and shorten the life of your linens.

Remove from dryer promptly while slightly damp to minimize wrinkles.

Smooth and fold or press with an iron if desired.

Tech specs

Rayon From Bamboo
Ultra Fine Long Staple Cotton Fibers
Designed In The USA, Weaved In India

Stonewall Sateen Weave
Smooth, Round Fibers
Hypoallergenic And Odor Resistant



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