Serenity • lavender & clary sage essential oil candle • 12 oz jar

Pure essential oils & natural waxes hand-poured in the United States

Transform your personal space. Daily.

Smell is arguably the most impactful of your five natural senses. The power of scent is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of your other senses. Science shows a unique aroma can trigger a powerful memory from your childhood, even sixty years later.  

Our Serenity candle fills your entire space with a gentle breeze of soothing lavender. With an underlining hint of clary sage that compliments the complexity of this aroma, you will find peace and harmony every time you light this candle.

Proudly hand-poured in the United States

50 - 60 hours
burn time

100% natural

Premium pure
essential oils

Real reviews from our community

Optimal Burning

Ensure stability & avoid any draft.

Keep wick trimmed to 1/4" before each lighting.

Burn candle 3 to 4 hours at a time.

Allow cooling before re-lighting.


Saftey Warning

Never leave a lit candle unattended.

Keep out of reach of children & pets.

This tin will get hot.

Place on a heat resistant surface only.

Remove all match and wick debris before lighting.



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